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Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace

Dear Families, 

It is with a grateful heart, I say, "Thank you" for your interest in HUGS.

Meet Our CEO/Founder

"As a professional  fleet owner for the past 12 years, I've had the opportunity to transport some of the worlds most precious riders, children.  I understand the importance of  maintaining a  laser focused mindset,  paying particular attention to detail, regulations, procedures and most importantly the value of life."

HUGS Transportation  has become a leading contender in the specialized market of  NEMT services  in Dallas, Texas.  Our experience in maintaining successful partnerships with clients, and medical institutions prove we understand the challenges and dynamics it takes to support your families busy agendas. 


To support communities, by providing a way in which  persons travel, through safe and reliable transportation.


To impact communities by capturing every opportunity presented to spread goodness to all people.


The founder and owner, Mrs. E. Smith, a Colorado native, has over 25 combined years of transportation services, fleet ownership and child care experience, along with sales and marketing.  She moved to Texas with one goal in mind, to support her three daughters as a single parent.  Each day Mrs. Smith felt the stress and pressure of juggling work and family life.  From becoming a new wife, extensive work related traveling, supporting band practice and competitions, cheerleading, basketball, soccer etc., she decided to walk away from corporate and focus on her family by launching her own daycare and transportation company.  Hence, JETS Childcare & Transportation was established.   Demand for child transportation became dominant to the company, redirecting the focus from daycare to transportation.  Overtime, Mrs. Smith added adult and senior mobile services, now known as HUGS Transportation. 

Mrs. Smith is dedicated to upholding the companies' values by delivering the greatest possible experience to our customers.  Unlike the competition, she hand picks her drivers, not only by experience and clean criminal records, but by their love for children, seniors and their empathy towards families struggling to keep up with their loved ones busy lives.   By applying safeguards at every level, her companies create safe and worry free experiences for families, parents and children.

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HUGS Transportation
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